Unpacking is fun

Unpacking a gift is a moment that is usually just as enjoyable as the gift itself. We therefore offer you the option of having your order wrapped as a gift for free - regardless of whether you want to give yourself a gift or someone close to you.


The premium packaging

Our gift boxes are created by artisans in a European factory and scooped using a special process. Noble black and a filigree GOLDBLACK logo print surrounds every handmade gift box. A characteristic satin bow, which is tied yourself, adorns every gift and ensures a real unpacking feeling.
With us, your order will be packed with love to create a unique gift.

Use our free service and make yourself or your loved ones happy with a GOLDBLACK gift.

That's how you will receive your order as a gift

Would you like to receive your order wrapped as a gift? Then check the box next to "Als Geschenk verpacken (kostenlos)".

That's how it's done:

1. Click on the product that you want to be wrapped as a gift

2. Scroll below the product images. There you will see a picture of a present and the text "Als Geschenk verpacken (kostenlos)"

3. Check the box so that we know that you would like this product to be wrapped as a gift

4. Put the product in the shopping cart or order it immediately

5. You can of course also continue shopping and if you want and have every product wrapped as a gift